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  • Does The Child Tax Credit Reduce Child Poverty Or Discourage Work?Does The Child Tax Credit Reduce Child Poverty Or Discourage Work?
    A key subtext to the debate over whether to restore the expanded 2021 version of the Child Tax Credit (CTC) is this: Does the credit help reduce child poverty by giving low-income families much needed money, or does it increase… Read more »
  • Do IRS Agents Really Need Guns?Do IRS Agents Really Need Guns?
    Tax Notes contributing editors Robert Goulder and Joseph J. Thorndike consider the historical context of why the IRS Criminal Investigation division carries guns. Read more »
  • Book And Claim And The Clean Hydrogen Tax CreditBook And Claim And The Clean Hydrogen Tax Credit
    Marie Sapirie breaks down the IRS and Treasury guidance on how indirect book accounting factors should be considered when calculating the Inflation Reduction Act's section 45V credit. Read more »

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  • TurboTax is Ready To Help Filers For Tax Year 2022
    Even though 2022 is coming to a close, it’s almost  beginning of tax year 2022 filing season – and TurboTax is ready to help you with your taxes. TurboTax just announced the launch of its TurboTax Live and TurboTax Online… Read more »
  • How Bonuses are Taxed Calculator
    If you received a bonus or are expecting one this year you may want to understand how taxes are withheld from your bonus when you receive it. Check out our bonus calculator that answers one of our most frequently asked… Read more »
  • The IRS, TurboTax, and Industry Partners Announce National Tax Security Awareness Week 2022
    Beginning on Cyber Monday, the  Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and Summit Partners which includes TurboTax, state tax agencies, and other tax industry partners kicked off the 7th National Tax Security Awareness week from November 28 through December 2 with information… Read more »

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  •  How Some Banks Avoid Paying You a High APY
    When you’re shopping around to find a good home for your cash, you might see some very high APYs advertised. At first, this probably seems like a good thing. However, if you dig into the fine print for some of… Read more »
  • The Wealthfront Cash Account Now Offers $2M in FDIC Insurance
    Today, we’re excited to announce we’ve doubled the FDIC insurance you get on your deposits in a Wealthfront Cash Account. Your Cash Account deposits are now insured for up to $2 million through our partner banks, which is 8x the… Read more »
  • The Wealthfront Cash Account Now Has a 3.30% APY
    Today, we’re thrilled to announce we’re raising the APY on the Wealthfront Cash Account from 2.55% to 3.30% APY following the Federal Reserve’s decision to raise the target range for the federal funds rate (which is the highest it’s been… Read more »