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    We understand that the extensive documentation required to file the taxes can be tedious. That's why our professionals are waiting to help you walk through the preparation with absolute ease. Khob Tax is an IRS authorized Tax e-filer offering comprehensive services for preparing and filing taxes for both Individuals and Businesses.

    Speed your Refunds by filing Accurate Taxes with Khob Tax.

    It is highly essential to file your taxes accurately and on time to avoid unnecessary delays or reworks. Khob Tax can help you review your documents and file them in person or online to hasten the process. We are authorized Tax e-filers and have years of experience in preparing, verifying and filing your tax returns.

    There have been extensive changes in the Tax laws due to the unprecedented circumstances that we faced as a country through the pandemic. We realize it may become rather difficult for  you to understand the implications of these changes for your taxes.  This is why our experts have put together every information that can impact your filing and are equipped to help you file for your returns with complete compliance to the new laws

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    We offer comprehensive services for both Individual and Business Taxes. Our team comprises the best in the field filled with years of financial expertise. We pride ourselves in giving personalized guidance to meet your unique tax requirements efficiently
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    We are authorized e-filers and we provide complete assistance in filing your taxes with point precision and help you avoid the hassles of paper returns.


    We help you navigate through the challenging tax preparations by sorting all your required data and getting the right information to file your taxes.


    Having issues filing your returns now? We can help you get the extension you need by filing Form 4868 for an automatic extension of the due date.

    Back taxes

    In case you have any pending tax returns from 2020 we can help you file them along with this year’s taxes returns without any hassles.

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    Get guidance from experienced Tax Professionals to prepare and file your taxes accurately and on time.

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